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Exterior Paint, The Best Way To Protect A Facade

If you are interested in painting the exterior of your home, you should have knowledge about the paintings that exist for this purpose. Know which is the most suitable for each case and which colors to use.

Keeping the facade of your house or building painted and cared for is very important because it helps prolong its good general condition and transmit a better image. Think that in the end, the facade paint is a shield against humidity, rain, sun, and mold.

What is an exterior paint for?

The exterior paints have components that make them especially weather – resistant. Above all, they protect the support from the sun and water, its two greatest enemies. They also have substances that protect the walls from fungi and insects; many types of paints contain pesticides and fungicides for outdoors.

What properties do exterior paints have?

– Anti-mold and anti-humidity: Since the exterior of your house is exposed to the environment, the paint has these properties in order to keep the wall in good condition.

– Impermeability: Avoid water leaks inside the house or building.

– Breathability: Do not let moisture pass through the pores, also preventing it from accumulating on the surface.

– Protection from sunlight: The objective of this property is to prevent the paint from losing its color. Currently, thanks to technology, the paintings, for the most part, have this defense.

– Adhesion: This point is essential since when painting the exterior walls, you must have good weather; the paint must also have good adhesion and dry quickly. Among other characteristics, it must be zesistant, easy to apply, and durable.

Facade paint colors

As you imagine, at this point, the options are endless; modern tinting systems allow you to create practically any color.

A classic that never goes out of style is white. An elegant, clean, and bright choice. In addition, combined with gray or brown tones in detail, it also gives very good results.

Another very current option is the combination of two shades of gray, one light and one darker. It gives the house a more sober and modern image.

Finally, if you are looking for something less conventional, you can opt for ranges of exterior paints in earthy brown tones of creams, pastels, even soft yellows.

We hope these tips help you when it comes to painting the exterior of your house, remember not to use any paint but the correct exterior paint.…