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Posted on: July 14, 2020 Posted by: Raymond Comments: 0

Ideas For Painting The Facade Of A House

To change the color of the facade of a house, you have to take into account some points:


Ideally, investigate the model of the house you have, that is, how it is built. This is important because you may have an architectural element that needs to be highlighted.
If you dare to use more than one color, use one of the main color range. That is, look carefully at what colors come. Or, on the other hand, if you are bolder, you can use a complementary color. Check the guide to choose and combine colors where you can have more information about color.
Now that we have the points to consider, let’s review some ideas to achieve that dreamy facade:

Neutral colors

The light color makes the facade stand out, looks huge and neat. Not for nothing are the colors used by many important houses. They work very well for beach houses, in contemporary constructions or in houses with a lot of space around. Neutral colors can be whites and grays in all their intensities.

Earth Colors

This type of color is associated with houses of a more rustic style, such as cabins or country houses. If you want the facade of a sober and elegant house for your country house, this is the option. Within the earth colors, we can highlight beige, browns, some types of green (somewhat brown), and others, among others.

Pastel Or Soft Colors

If you don’t like to stand out a lot but still want to use a less common color, pastel or soft colors are your solution. They can be used in places like condos or small neighborhoods. They help the facade of a house have a much more serene and cozy look. They are a good option to discuss it with your neighbors and achieve something different together.

Muted Colors

When I speak of muted colors, I do not mean that they are dark colors, but rather that they are not vibrant. In this sense, you can choose what we call “colonial colors” in Chile. An example is “ocher pink” which combines excellently with a gray. They work quite well in houses with a continuous facade or also in country houses. They are colors that,